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You don’t have to be an expert to gather people and explore shared interests. Share skills, support, and expertise with each other to navigate the challenges and opportunities of aging.

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Lend and receive a helping hand, time, or skills with a member friend. Our members support each other mutually to stay independent and happy in later life.

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Search for local groups in your area and connect with other members on Mon Tonton
Start a private conversation, and learn about activities organized by local interest groups
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Why should I use Mon Tonton?
Mon Tonton gives you the tools and resources you need to build a strong and meaningful community. We help people make real-life connections based on common interests. This can mean learning something, playing a game together, making new friends, or simply friendship and fun.
How does Mon Tonton help me connect with other members?
When you sign up, you create a taste profile indicating what activities or discussions you're interested in. We use this information to suggest and help you connect you to other like-minded members in your area.