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Heather was a business owner in healtchare

You should ask her about her painting, gardening and flowers that all make her happy. If you’d like to make a good impression, the thing they value the most in friends is their ability to listen. That’s good to know if they end up mentioning aging and associated losses that she sometimes worry about.

Bill is a business owner in real estate

He doesn’t spend much time on hobbies outside of work, though the thing that makes him happy is his family. If you’d like to make a good impression, the thing he values the most in friends is honesty.

You share the opinions that…

  • ..that social networking sites are good for society - and you believe this is true in spite of their difficulty of policing foreign governments influencing democracy outcomes within our borders?

  • ..that if the technology to increase human life expectancy to 200 years was available, neither of you want it do be made available - what do you believe are the downsides of such an innovation?