Help, I got logged out of my Mon Tonton account and don’t have a password to log in again.
Mon Tonton is totally secure and also password free. All you need is your email address and we send you a personal link that contains your password. Easy as pie!
How do I create a Mon Tonton account?
If you don't have a Mon Tonton account yet, go to montonton.com and click Sign Up. You can sign up for an account using your email address. Signing up and creating a Mon Tonton account is free. Once you’re set up you can connect with other members in the group, keep up-to-date with what’s going on, and participate in activities online and offline.
How does Mon Tonton support accessibility with its designs?
We research how older adults use digital products and access technology to use our website and app. We spend time continually to learn what works and what doesn't. Our team cares about creating online experiences that everyone can use so that we can develop products and services that will be available for us. All our products are compliant with the WCAG guidelines for accessible design.
Can I host in person events during COVID?
We encourage our local leaders and members on Mon Tonton to practice safe measures in these trying times. Follow the guidelines provided to you by your local officials on social distancing if you do choose to meet in person.
Can I host online events on Mon Tonton?
We believe in-person events are at the heart of our communities. We also believe online events have an important place in inspiring the spirit of togetherness in a time when human connection is needed the most. Schedule your next event online to stay in touch using our Zoom integration to help spread the word of your gatherings. Thank you to all the local leaders and members who have hosted and joined online events so far.
How do I host online events on Mon Tonton?
We recommend scheduling your online events at least 24 hours in advance. When you schedule your event we notify the members in your chapter via email of the event and so they can RSVP and join by video when the time comes. Every event has a host which is assigned to the creator of the event by default. The host can manage an event's location, date, and time.
What is a Mon Tonton chapter?
A small group, usually fewer than a dozen people led by a local leader. Though some chapters are virtual and have hundreds of members. Often, a chapter meets every few weeks to make new or deepen existing friendships. Chapter members support each other when needed, but most importantly it’s a place for everyone to come and have a bit of fun. There are no expectations to help organize, though it’s appreciated when you do. And at Mon Tonton that’s what we help facilitate, in an inclusive and accessible way.
How do I find a chapter on Mon Tonton?
Being part of the right chapter makes it easier for you to meet like-minded people you want to spend together with. When you find a chapter you want to be part of, it’s easy to join. Request to join and wait for the chapter leader to accept your request. While not all chapters are for everyone, there’s a chapter for everyone. We will also help you get started if you want to create your own chapter - it’s very easy!
Can I organize more than one Mon Tonton chapter?
Absolutely! The more local leaders set up chapters, the more friendships you enable, and that’s what we’re all about. If you can’t find a local chapter that you like, we encourage and make it easy for you to start one yourself. Local leaders can lead as many chapters as they like at no additional cost. If you decide to organize more than one chapter, we recommend appointing a leadership team to help you manage the responsibilities. Your co-leadership team can help coordinate events, moderate conversations, and keep your community thriving.
Can I appoint a co-leadership team to my chapter?
To support the activities in your chapter, we encourage local leaders to appoint co-leaders. You can have as many leadership team members as you need. If you run multiple chapters or have many members in your chapter we highly encourage collaborating with your members. We find that chapters that co-organize events tend to be the most active ones.
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