Wednesday, February 12, 2020

How to get dates when you're retired

As a natural consequence of the high divorce rates, more and more are finding themselves retired and single. And it's not always easy to meet someone when your social circle naturally shrinks with your changing life circumstances.

In other words, unless you have an activity or meetup planned for the day - your social interactions probably happen online or from being out and about on your own.

So what does a single retiree do to get a date for Valentine's Day?

Society's economic gain from dating apps is not just revenue figures?

Many in the 50+ generation lead the way as trailblazers in social change like gender equality. But when it comes to dating apps, it was the Millenials who drove us forward.

You may think I'm joking, but think about it from this perspective - the most significant predictor for loneliness is whether or not you're in a relationship.

And this day in age mental health, stemming from, yes, loneliness, is perhaps one of the greatest threats to us as about 70% of health care costs are estimated to come from mental and physical health issues from individuals self-reporting chronic loneliness.

Reasons to not not try online dating (double negative intentional)

For some reason, the stigma of online dating persists for the majority of my parent's generation. I have to admit I've tried convincing my mom she should give Tinder a go, but she persistently refuses.

When she says, she's worried about being recognized on there. My response is - "well, the people recognizing you on there in the first place are on there themselves too!"

She's also told me she feels it's inappropriate to be putting herself out there in that way in her age. To which I'd say - "it's never too late to fall in love!" A little known fact is that retirement homes are riddled with STIs as residents tend to be down to get down with each other.

So try one of these apps this Valentine's Day

There are plenty of dating apps built with the 50+ demographic in mind. Here are a few ideas on where to look:

Still not convinced dating apps are for you?

Then make use of the Mon Tonton club membership to meet other likeminded individuals in real life. Staying active with hobbies, activities and community gatherings in retirement might be the best way to meet your next date ;)

Happy Valentine's Day from Mon Tonton - supporting your transition into retirement

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