Monday, December 16, 2019

The elephant in our decorated living rooms

As we approach the peak of holiday season, I had the idea to bring up one of the elephants in our decorated rooms. Most families have at least one. And spending a week or so ignoring it can lead to some additional internal stress to build up for just about anyone.

Changes sometimes take many generations

This holiday I feel particularly inclined to talk about this topic that really should no longer be as controversial.

Most things that are commonplace today have gone through a metamorphosis in public eyes through generations. Think of the perception of having children out of marriage, getting divorce, sexuality, and mental health, to name a few.

How can mental health possibly still be controversial?

A question that is particularly near to my heart this year. Having lost a friend and living in a city riddled with homeless people with untreated mental issues. It boggles the mind that these conditions are not treated or discussed the same as any other physical condition that needs treatment.

Why can't we all agree that just like people can get cancer of the pancreas, the mind can get its own kind of cancer?

Sadly, the inner workings of our mind is largely still a mystery. So much is outside of our control, and this is usually hard to accept for those of us left behind.

To everyone going through something, and to whom these words speak to - I hope that you manage to find the strength to work on this acceptance.

Vulnerability is the ultimate act of courage

Being vulnerable requires doing something before there's any guarantee of the outcome.

If you're working through a hard period in your life, practice reminding yourself until it no longer requires effort. Remind yourself that there is no meaning behind the signs you're examining, that there's nothing you could have done differently. Work on leaving it at that.

Some moments will be harder than others, and when those moments get overwhelming is when it's time to open up to someone who will always be there for you.

Like all difficulties in life - they also always bring an opportunity to grow. The opportunity sometimes needs time to make itself evident, but it eventually will.

Mon Tonton - Practice self-care this holiday season

All we have is each other, and the most selfless thing we can do is take good care of ourselves to the point where we have more to offer to our loved ones. Whether they open about needing it or not.

Everyone goes through times of difficulty. Sometimes the reason is external to us, sometimes it is internal. The younger generations are currently experiencing a spike in anxiety and depression. We should all take this seriously.

Please make sure to practice self-love and care this holiday season <3


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