Monday, June 17, 2019

Overcoming digital isolation

Even in highly developed countries, like in Scandinavia, where education and availability of high-speed internet are amongst the highest in the World. Digital isolation is a reality. 4 out of 10 people in the age group 75-79 years have never even been online.

As you might imagine, digital isolation in these countries is not due to lacking infrastructure, but rather the lacking abilities to interact with digital tools and devices.

Why digital skills for seniors matter

The ubiquity of digital tools and services that improve our quality of life are sadly not within everyone's reach.

This is hardly fair, in a World where digital tools can enable you to live at home for longer as you age. These days you can find products that allow you to manage illness, stay connected to loved ones, gain access to on-demand services, you name it!

Some of these tools and services can be determining factors to enable our loved ones to live comfortably at home for longer. And as such, make life longer and happier. There are tools for locks and security, medication and medical tracking, video chats, and alert systems.

What can we do to help reduce digital isolation?

These are precisely the type of questions we ask ourselves at Mon Tonton. A senior friendly society is one where everyone is allowed the possibility to improve their quality of life.

As our communities are becoming increasingly digital, it essential that both public and private services keep in mind there will always be a demographic that is permanently "non-digital." This does not only include seniors, but also people with disabilities that require analog options.

We offer individual courses for digital education for seniors. Tailored to lifelong students to feel comfortable asking questions.

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