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This is where your journey
into retirement begins

We believe retirement is the beginning of a new and exciting period of your life marked by freedom and enjoyment!

Retirement today looks different than ever before, and with it, we believe the tools should change. We want to build the best platform for you to design your own retirement to fit your goals - whatever they are.

Whether you are exploring, searching for something specific, purpose, or looking for community. Our mission is to be the world’s favorite destination for discovering new passions by offering a unique selection of opportunities that you can easily explore, learn, and grow from.

Let us support your transition into retirement.

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Meet the team behind Mon Tonton

We are a team of brother and sister, and while we both live in the US we’re originally from Greece and Norway. Living far away from our parents we started with the motivation of building something for them that could improve their quality of life. So it is only fitting that we named our product Mon Tonton, meaning “my uncle” in French.

Edvard is a licensed physician and a serial entrepreneur based in Miami. He’s a close advisor while he still runs his digital health company Nurx.

Maria Athena earned her degrees from Toulouse School of Economics in France and the Royal Imperial College of London, UK. She has 8 years experience working at various sized companies in the tech industry in San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and London.

Reach out to us! We'd love to hear from you, your story and how we can help.

Edvard, advisor and investor, and Maria Athena Engesaeth, founder, at Mon Tonton growing up together in Norway.